How to login to SecureShare Web Interface

With the SECURESHARE Web Interface, you can access, manage and share files using Windows®, Apple® and Linux computers and a standard web browser – Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome™ or Safari®.

The SECURESHARE Web Interface can be accessed through two methods:

If the SECURESHARE Desktop Client is installed on your computer, you can click on the SECURESHARE Desktop icon located in System Tray (Windows®) or the Desktop Notification Tray (Apple®). The menu will appear, click “Open SECURESHARE in Browser”.

You can access the SECURESHARE Web Interface directly by typing the SECURESHARE URL in the address field of your browser:

The following Login Window will appear.

ENTER your Username and Password.

Click LOG IN

If you lost your password, you can click on the hyperlink Lost your password. The website will allow you to reset your password by typing the email linked to your SECURESHARE account.

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