Dashboard Components

1. Navigation Sidebar – enables navigation between the different features and applications of SECURESHARE. These applications include:
Files Workspace
Shared by me
Shared with Me
Shared by Link
Pictures Gallery
Get More Space
eSignature Module
Private Messaging
Accounts (for Business Account Administrators only)
Project Circles Module
2. Management Bar – provides access to Technical Support, Full Text Search for folders and files, and Personal Settings.

3. Personal Dashboard – provides a graphical summary of the current state of your SECURESHARE account with customizable widgets

4. Activity Stream – provides a summary of your most recent activity on SECURESHARE including your sharing, file/folder upload and creation as well as file/folder modification.

5. Recent Files – displays the most recent files added or modified.

6. SECURE SHARE App Store – provides access to SECURESHARE desktop and mobile applications

7. Dashboard Controls
 Minimizes/Maximizes the Navigation Sidebar
 Display Contact Information for Technical Support
 Trash Bin
 Logout of the SECURESHARE Web Interface.

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