Sharing with workgroups and Project Circle

A “workgroup” is comprised of multiple users under a single SECURESHARE Team account. These users are typically co-workers, but may include select partners, clients, etc. An internal Administrator manages the workgroup user accounts. This is the individual who initially created the SECURESHARE Team account. The administrator can add and delete users as necessary. 

A “Project Circle” is a way to link several Individual SECURESHARE account in a group, where the user can share within it. The account that created the circle is flagged as its owner and then he can give administrator right to other participant of the circle. The administrator right give the right to add or kick member from the circle.

Sharing “internally” within the workgroup or Project Circle differs from sharing with outside parties. Sharing a folders/files with a co-worker is as simple as choosing their name from a drop down menu. Sharing data with an outside party is accomplished using a Share Link as discussed earlier. When sharing with your workgroup, you also have the ability to assign permissions (i.e. update, create, delete, share) to your folders and files. Permissions will be reviewed in the next section.

Sharing With Workgroup and Project Circle Members

Sharing files/folders with other members in your workgroup or Project Circle is simple. MOVE your cursor over the folder or file that you would like to share. The folder/file options will appear.

CLICK on the SHARE symbol.  

A drop-down box will appear with a blank text field.

Begin typing the name of the individual or the Project Circle with whom you would like to share the folder/file.
If the individual is part of your workgroup, the name will appear as you type.
CLICK on the name and the folder/file will be shared.

If the individual was not added during registration, a message will appear “No People Found”.
You can always share the folder/file with the intended individual by using “Share Link”.

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