Sharing Files using a link

Sharing using a link

Available to SECURESHARE Professional & Business Accounts 
The Share Link feature allows you to share folders and files with outside parties regardless of whether they have a SECURESHARE Account or not. Share Link is a unique web address that directs the recipient to the shared folder/file. The recipient will typically receive this link via a system-generated email message from SECURESHARE. However, the Share Link can be cut & paste into a separate message that can be sent at any time.

Once the Share Link is received, the recipient simply clicks on the link and is redirected to SECURESHARE where he/she can download the file/folder.

When using Share Link, you have the option to secure your file/folder with password protection and expiration dates (with expiration dates, the link will remain active up to the date you define).

When sharing with a folder using a Share Link, you can also allow the outside party to “upload” files directly into SECURESHARE by activating the “Allow Public Upload” option.

Share Link

To share information using Share Link, MOVE your cursor over the folder/file that you would like to share. The folder/file options will appear.

CLICK the SHARED symbol. 

CLICK the box “Share link”.
ENTER the email address of the individual with whom you would like to share the file/folder.
Click SEND
COPY and PASTE the link in your favorite communication tool, and SEND it to your partner.

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