What is SecureShare ?

SECURESHARE is an easy-to-use cloud storage, file sync and sharing solution. With SECURESHARE, you can backup and protect your important business files off-site in our secured data center. You can then access your data anytime, anywhere from your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

With SECURESHARE, your files and folders are automatically synchronized across all of the devices associated with your user account. That means a change to a file on your laptop will be automatically reflected in your desktop as well as your smartphone and tablet. This ensures that you will always have access to the most current version of your information.

With SECURESHARE, you also have enhanced file-sharing capabilities. You can share files with co-workers with a simple click. In addition, you can share files with individuals outside of your company – partners, suppliers or clients. You can share files securely with password protection. You can also share files with expiration dates meaning that the intended recipient can only access the file/folder during a restricted window of time. This is a great application for sending time-sensitive information to external clients.

With SECURESHARE, your data is always protected. Your data is secured utilizing 128-bit SSL encrypted links while it’s being transmitted to our data center and a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm while it’s being stored. These are the same encryption standards used by banks and governments across North America to secure sensitive information.

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