Get More Space

  ‘Get More Space’ Provides direct access to upgrade your SECURESHARE account.

SECURESHARE PRO is a single user paid account. With this version, you have from 1TB to 5TB of storage in your account. You also have unlimited project circles, signable documents and 100 SMS private messages per month. Perfect for a single user who want to store high quality videos and pictures, ISOs, and other big or small files.  

SECURESHARE TEAM is a multi-user paid account. More oriented toward a small business, the SECURESHARE Team account allow you to create several accounts that you can manage. This type of account is useful if you want to delete the account of one of your employee after he leaves the company for example. The admin account and the small account are already part of a sharing group which allow you to share everything with a user as soon as the account is created. This type of account comes with an unlimited storage, unlimited project circle, unlimited eSignatures , 100 SMS private messages per user per month.Finally, it gives you priority when it comes to support.

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