File Workspace interface

  The Files Workspace serves as the primary interface to manage your Folders and Files in SECURE SHARE.


COMPONENTS – Files Workspace:

1. Upload & Create Toolbar: Enables the upload of files into SECURE SHARE as well as the creation of Files and Folders online. For additional information, see:
  • Create new files and folders
  • Uploading files using the SECURE SHARE Web Interface
2. Title Bar
  • Check All: When the box next to Name is checked, all folders and files within the display will be highlighted. Once checked, the user has the ability to “Delete All” or “Download All”.
  • Name: Displays the name of the file or for folder
  • Size: Provides the Folder/File size in megabytes (MB)
  • Modified: Provides a timestamp indicating when the Folder/File was last changed.
3. Content View: Displays all of the Folders and Files within the User’s account.

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